Marty Miller Painting NOW IN Burnsville, Bloomington, and Richfield

Marty Miller Painting is now located in the city of Burnsville, Minnesota and will be able to take care of any type of exterior or interior painting you need.

mjm 2014 f re done factory

They specialize in many types of painting and are considered the best choice when you need something that is a little different.

mjm 2014 h redo metal building

This is what some of this older building looked like before Marty Miller Painting took care of all of the peeling issues and repainted all of it making the building look like new.

Another way to say that is that they are used to painting projects that require them to get the project done quickly so that it does not hold up production as in a ‘factory setting’, and they are experienced at getting very difficult residential projects done quickly.

a metal building repainted so that it looks new

This is an older metal building about 50 years old and now this building looks new….after being painted with a product that could easily go twenty years and longer

…which means, if you just have a house exterior you would like to have redone and have it done so that it looks outstanding…then…

Marty Miller Painting is the company to call if you are in Burnsville, or Bloomington, Richfield, Eden Prairie, or just about anywhere in the South Metro.

mjm 2014 f re done factory



before painting of an older factory

This was what that factory looked like before we painted it…without delaying any production.

mjm 2014 c
mjm 2014 b

Call now if you have any questions you would like answered or need to schedule an appointment so that you can find out the best way to turn what you have into something that will look outstanding….call

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When You Need Exterior Painting Done in Burnsville or Bloomington MN-Call us to get your job done right

When You Have Exterior Painting Done…

Make sure you have it done correctly…. and you will be far happier in the long run. With all of today’s technology behind paint there really is no reason not to expect you to get at least 10 years with any exterior painting project, but that exterior work does not include wooden decks or railings, those are in a different category all together.

Marty Miller Painting has been painting houses and buildings in Minnesota  for 20 years and if you want your house or business to be painted so that you don’t have to worry about it for years to come, you need to give them a call and at the very least, get an estimate…because you might be surprised at the new technology that will make that job last for a long time.

Doesn’t Matter Whether You use $80 per gallon paint or $30 per gallon paint…if its not prepared properly, it won’t last too long…

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that when you are doing exterior painting in Rochester Minnesota that this area of the country can be one of the harshest climates for any paint to endure. When that surface is not prepared properly you will have almost immediate paint failure…usually after the first winter.

Make Sure the Surface is Prepared Correctly and the Paint Could Last Forever

We use a ‘patent-protected’ preparation solution for every exterior painting project we do. It gives durability and allows the paint to make a better complete bond to the surface it is going on.

When we utilize our preparation techniques it actually saves money and does a better job in the long run!

So, not only do we save our customers money because of less labor involved it does a better job in the long run, so it is good for you and it lasts longer.

Paint Sheen…or the quality of flat to glossy….matters a lot

I see more houses and buildings painted with the wrong paint sheen and all of this will not lead to paint failure necessarily, but it will diminish greatly the overall time that paint will stay on that surface.

What paint sheen you select does matter….. and we will explain in person why that is so important.

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Lawsuit Lottery Lawsuit Abuse-Put Stop Limits in Place Like the Rest of the World

Lawsuit Lottery Lawsuit Abuse

Unless you have been one of the lucky lawsuit lottery winners, who may have benefited financially with a sudden release of millions of dollars that your attorney won for you in a civil suit, you should look at being part of restoring America’s civil justice system.

America’s civil justice system is the laughing stock of the free world and no other country in the world has such outlandish practices of ridiculously high amounts of money awarded, for injury awards which greatly exceed common sense and cost each American citizen $880 every single year.

If we were to establish some very reasonable monetary limits, damages could still be worth seeking, but you would not have lawsuit lottery lawsuit abuse madness occurring everywhere you look in the USA.

Attorneys seeking victims have gone to Internet Marketing Systems in order to recruit enough victims to win some of that lawsuit lottery money with….oh, do I sound a bit crass?

Well excuse me, but there are so many fine lawyers in this country and to besmirch all of them is not my intent.

Our country should just establish reasonable dollar amounts with a limit! It cannot be that complicated….and in fact nearly all of the states have established some limits on how much can be awarded, but any company who has profits and does business in the USA should be aware and should be working diligently to help establish reasonable limits.

Lawsuit Lottery Lawsuit Abuse

Here is a good example where a woman receives a $42 million dollar reward. The crime against her that a jury awarded her total of $42.8 million?

She was an independent contractor of insurance for an insurance company and she sued then because she claims that they offered to loan her money in order to build her insurance agency. The company claims that she did not complete enough of the sales objectives in order for them to be able to loan her agency money.

The woman received $1 million in emotional damages, a ‘punitive’ damage of $36 million against the company so they don’t do this again to anyone else, and an award of $5.7 million for ‘lost profits’, and I assume this ‘lost profits’ is an estimate of how much money this woman’s agency would have made had this company given her the ‘loan’.

The award is obviously far beyond common sense and American fairness.

The only reason the jury decided that was because the company, Nationwide Mutual Insurance company made a profit of $386 million in net profits that year, and that profitability makes them a fat juicy target for lawsuit lottery lawsuit abuse attorneys who only need to win one case and they can receive a lavish new lifestyle and maybe have enough money to run for office like Michael Cerisi did after winning the Golden Goose award of all time, when the states sued ‘Big Tobacco’.

Now we don’t smoke as much but we are the fattest country in the world.…what a victory!

Blitz USA is the latest victim because they had 42 lawsuits filed against them and just the cost of defending themselves was $30 million.

Yes, they make gas containers and because of the stupid, drunk, and masochistic people who have used a gasoline container to pour gas on an open flame and burned themselves, (excuse me, but I have 12 year olds who are smart enough to know you don’t pour gasoline on a campfire) we as a country will see an increase in the cost of ‘gasoline containers’, because Blitz USA sold 70% of the market here in the USA.

Remember that, the next time we have a national disaster and people need gasoline containers to run generators and other appliances like that.

So let us all work to end these treasure chests for greedy lawyers who have just learned how to make a jury believe their client was harmed and that damage can be restored for just a few million dollars….puuuh

My real job is as a painting contractor and I have been doing this for 22 years, and I make sure my customer is happy with the quality of my companies work at the time we finish, and for many years afterward….SEE MY WEBSITE!

Now open for business in Burnsville, Minnesota and all of the South Metro Twin Cities area… c